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Faculty Development

With the onset of the Internet, knowledge is at the fingertips of the learner; however, this has not diluted the changing and challenging role of a teacher.

Indus believes that preparation for life is the real purpose of education. In order to achieve this, the teacher is expected to unlock her own potential and also that of each child. This demands not only academic excellence, but the development of 21st century competencies which lead to self-actualization. The Indus teacher, therefore, goes far beyond teaching and looks upon herself as an agent of change.

As such, in addition to professional development, Indus promotes self-development of teachers over a three-track experiential process, with in-house training and outbound leadership retreats.


Track 1 is a series of one-day retreats and is a foundational programme mandatory for all faculty members. It addresses the introductory aspects of leadership in the workplace, such as the school’s vision and mission, goal-setting, time management and work-life balance.

25% of Track 1 is dedicated to developing self-awareness, and 75% to developing skills for leadership.


Track 2 has been developed for such faculty members and administrators as are interested in leadership development, and covers a range of topics from the theoretical to the strategic. Track 2 workshops are city specific one-day retreats, with interactive sessions on systems and processes and their application to a personal SWOT analysis.

75% of Track 2 is dedicated to developing self-awareness, and 25% to developing leadership skills.


Track 3 is the ultimate stage. It draws attention to the abstract constructs of leadership such as spirituality and moral fortitude, and supplements discussions with workshops on long-term strategy and planning for institution building. Track 3 is a series of extended two to three-day leadership retreats, usually held overseas, for select participants from all Indus institutions.

100% of Track 3 curriculum is about developing self-awareness.

If you would like to join our team at Indus, visit for post graduate courses to enhance your professional qualifications.


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